Bonding over 4C's - Cookies, Chocolates, Cakes and Conversations.

Meghashree & Saurabh (Founders) first met over a cup of coffee and instantly connected across several dimensions  - especially our mutual love for baked products and chocolates and our common apathy towards the typical 9-9 corporate routine. Together, we thought of creating premium and exclusive offerings tailored to the Indian palate. Our mutual love for cakes and chocolates from diverse cultures, and the struggle with weight loss egged us towards finding healthier alternatives to satiating our sweet pangs.

With growing awareness around physical health, mental health, fitness, and diet control, we thought it to be an apt time to challenge the baking segment. At the same time, we wanted to do it right while breaking down a few myths and barriers associated with chocolates and bakes.

Pieces of Chocolate
Image by lindsay Cotter


How are we different?

Healthy living and baked delicacies usually do not go hand in hand. Talk about cakes, chocolates, treats, and any fitness expert would start cringing, and they aren’t wrong. But, with EXBACo aka Experiential Baking Co, a bangalore based startup, we are redefining baked goodies, with a twist, so that it maintains the flavour without the junk.

We only use premium ingredients, best quality nuts, and couverture chocolates. We want our consumers to be aware of the pros and cons of chocolates, chocolate baking, how to differentiate, what to consume, facts and myths, and many more.

Being healthy and still being able to savour the three C’s – Cakes, Cookies, and Chocolates is the secret nugget we want our consumers to appreciate.



How are we making all the right noises :)

We are pleased to inform that Experiential Baking Co has been awarded a Recommendation badge by Restaurant Guru based on customer reviews! Congratulations on our achievement!



To order our delicacies, reach out through our web and social media pages.

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